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Once upon a SQL query

Once upon a SQL query, while I cycled through a try-catch-finally, Over many a quaint an opensource apis of forgotten imports — While I coded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As if some one gently rapping at my … Continue reading

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ExtJS, XML, and the DOM

So I’m trying to get this XML in use with my ExtJS Store and Grid, when i switch over to IE to test (Firefox was working fine), and I’m getting all these syntax errors and such. “Great!”, I said as … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat Rhyme Java Style

The very best part of Javaween Is coding more lines than you’ve ever seen. I’ve got my largest JVM on. I got Tomcat, JBoss, I’ve even been to Java One Sun’s gone down, I’m all fucked up, Oracle’s out to … Continue reading

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Ok, I accidentally found what I was looking for regarding manipulating xml with extjs xpath processing. Element Selectors * any element E an element with the tag E E F All descendent elements of E that have the tag F … Continue reading

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ExtJS XmlReader record mapping

I have been trying to do a transition from using xsl and xml to render some page content, to using the xml and ExtJS to put the data in a grid.  Now using the XmlReader is quite nice, intuitive, and … Continue reading

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Software solutions for businesses

I know that alot of people are looking for the next up and coming software/internet site that all the masses will go to and then whomever runs the site will be rich. Well, after trying that out for some time, … Continue reading

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Java Halloween (Javaween) Chant

Hey ho for Javaween When the variables all are seen; Some long and some boolean, Hey ho for Javaween!

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