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Setting up Apache Maven from Scratch on Windows 7

Most recently, I found myself setting up some Spring Social apps. Rather than building completely from scratch, I decided to see what other people had put together as tutorials and then build from them to hasten the development process. I … Continue reading

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Using Ant behind a firewall proxy

I just wanted to add in that sometimes we developers are working behind a firewall and just setting up Ant and Ivy, or even Maven out of the box will not let us retrieve dependencies from outside or even internal … Continue reading

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Installing ANT and Ivy on a new computer

Having had my computer for years, i forgot the simple steps to get my ANT and Ivy rolling again so that i could grab my dependencies from any which where but loose. First i downloaded the latest ant and ivy … Continue reading

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Tomcat Catalina logs file path

Sometimes, due to IDE problems and such, one will not see their catalina logs specifically on a console. Yes, they are usually popped out in the TOMCAT_HOME/logs directory, but what if they don’t? Fear not, simply modify your TOMCAT_HOME/conf/ file … Continue reading

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