Earth Day on the Hudson

As the weather warms up and the flowers erupt from the earth in new and refreshed life. My walk to work is both cheery and uplifting. As the wind wisks past me and molds my hair back into a pompadour, I carry on towards my office letting not even nature’s morning wrath hold me back from a productive day.

“The Hudson seems a bit greener than usual.”, I hear an onlooker say.

Gazing over to the river I can verify his claim. THe river possesses a translucent greenish hue as it flows past Manhatten and Hoboken in tandem. The boats steam by one after another both up and down the mighty behemoth of a river.

As I push forward to enter my building I take one final breath of the river air to guide me through this day.


About javaclaus

Java Programmer, Code master, mountain biker, snowboarder, etc.
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