How to pump even more memory into your Apache Tomcat Web Server

Normally, I have been fine with my Apache Tomcat Web Server running at a mere half a gig which is shown on the Tomcat’s Server Status screen.


Free memory: 288.40 MB Total memory: 486.50 MB Max memory: 486.50 MB

Recently, my web applications have been so crazy that I needed to allocate even more memory to my Tomcat.
How to do it?

Edit your $TOMCAT_HOME\bin\catalina.bat and add the line “set CATALINA_OPTS=-Xmx1g” at the top of the file or wherever appropriate as such:

Now, check out the Tomcat Server Status page and look at the difference. Drum roll please………………………………………


That’s more like it. Time to run 20, 50, even 100 apps from a single Tomcat Web Server instance.
Screw all your other Windows or Linux apps, give it all to Tomcat for he keeps you safe at night.

You shall never be afraid of the boogy man again.


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