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How to pump even more memory into your Apache Tomcat Web Server

Normally, I have been fine with my Apache Tomcat Web Server running at a mere half a gig which is shown on the Tomcat’s Server Status screen. JVM Free memory: 288.40 MB Total memory: 486.50 MB Max memory: 486.50 MB … Continue reading

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Oracle Connection Pools in Tomcat Part 3 – Combating Invalid and Stale Connections

In our Oracle Connection Pool series we have identified how to implement and basic configurations. Before we examine more higher degree advanced configurations, it is important to note one of the drawbacks of the Oracle Connection Pool. It has come … Continue reading

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Standalone Tomcat Memory Increase

IDEs make it easy now a days to add a server and then increase memory in a user friendly GUI. But what if you are running a standalone Tomcat server that you have to startup from the command line? How … Continue reading

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Linking Tomcat JDBC Connection to Spring Framework

There are a couple different ways to hook up one’s JDBC connectivity in the Spring Framework. If one decides to do it Spring standalone, then an entry like this would go in the configuration xml. <bean id=”dataSource” destroy-method=”close”> <property name=”driverClassName” … Continue reading

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