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Java Coding Standards and Best Programming Practices

Naming Conventions and Standards Note: The terms Pascal Casing and Camel Casing are used throughout this document. Pascal Casing – First character of all words are Upper Case and other characters are lower case. Example: BackColor Camel Casing – First … Continue reading

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Java Web Application Security – XSS Combat Part 2

A previous post from last year introduced a grand project that I was about to begin. After much analysis and searching I found a great solution that would secure my Java (JEE) application against XSS and SQLi attacks. OWASP – … Continue reading

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Combating XSS in a Java Web Application

Recently, out Java Web App went through a Veracode security scan. Since the application is used by over 25,000 users world wide, I do see it as important that this scan took place. Although, I have placed some anti-XSS (Cross … Continue reading

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Calling a .NET C# Web Service with a Java/JSP Client

Netbeans and Apache Tomcat are used in this example to make a JSP client with the help of Apache SOAP toolkit ( Assumption here is that you are bit familiar with JSP and NetBeans. Also, Apache Xerces ( is used … Continue reading

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Oracle Connection Pools in Tomcat Part 3 – Combating Invalid and Stale Connections

In our Oracle Connection Pool series we have identified how to implement and basic configurations. Before we examine more higher degree advanced configurations, it is important to note one of the drawbacks of the Oracle Connection Pool. It has come … Continue reading

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Java Hosting for the 21st Century

I have been in the Java game for almost a decade and I have always been on the lookout for free or affordable java hosting. Back in the day when i was right out of school i found a lesser … Continue reading

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Spring Framework Transaction Management

In our previous post we linked up a JDBC connection defined in our Tomcat context.xml file to the Spring Framework. The way the datasource was defined in Spring was as a bean. <bean id=”dataSource”> <property name=”jndiName”><value>java:comp/env/jdbc/test</value></property> </bean> In order to … Continue reading

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