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json extjs xpath

A frequently emphasized advantage of XML is the availability of plenty tools to analyse, transform and selectively extract data out of XML documents. XPath is one of these powerful tools. It’s time to wonder, if there is a need for … Continue reading

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JavaScript randomizer

So, I want a series of pictures to show up on my website and there has got to be some sort of built in functionality of JavaScript to aid me in accomplishing this. Enter the random method of the Math … Continue reading

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ExtJS, XML, and the DOM

So I’m trying to get this XML in use with my ExtJS Store and Grid, when i switch over to IE to test (Firefox was working fine), and I’m getting all these syntax errors and such. “Great!”, I said as … Continue reading

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Ok, I accidentally found what I was looking for regarding manipulating xml with extjs xpath processing. Element Selectors * any element E an element with the tag E E F All descendent elements of E that have the tag F … Continue reading

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ExtJS XmlReader record mapping

I have been trying to do a transition from using xsl and xml to render some page content, to using the xml and ExtJS to put the data in a grid.  Now using the XmlReader is quite nice, intuitive, and … Continue reading

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