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Apache Cordova Netbeans Android Google Analytics Plugin

After researching on many different sites and troubleshooting many different errors and show stoppers, I was finally able to piece together a Google Analytics plugin for my Cordova Android Netbeans project. First, here is the location of the plugin we … Continue reading

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Java Coding Standards and Best Programming Practices

Naming Conventions and Standards Note: The terms Pascal Casing and Camel Casing are used throughout this document. Pascal Casing – First character of all words are Upper Case and other characters are lower case. Example: BackColor Camel Casing – First … Continue reading

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Java Web Application Security – XSS Combat Part 2

A previous post from last year introduced a grand project that I was about to begin. After much analysis and searching I found a great solution that would secure my Java (JEE) application against XSS and SQLi attacks. OWASP – … Continue reading

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Combating XSS in a Java Web Application

Recently, out Java Web App went through a Veracode security scan. Since the application is used by over 25,000 users world wide, I do see it as important that this scan took place. Although, I have placed some anti-XSS (Cross … Continue reading

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Calling a .NET C# Web Service with a Java/JSP Client

Netbeans and Apache Tomcat are used in this example to make a JSP client with the help of Apache SOAP toolkit (http://axis.apache.org/axis/). Assumption here is that you are bit familiar with JSP and NetBeans. Also, Apache Xerces (http://xerces.apache.org/) is used … Continue reading

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Installing ANT and Ivy on a new computer

Having had my computer for years, i forgot the simple steps to get my ANT and Ivy rolling again so that i could grab my dependencies from any which where but loose. First i downloaded the latest ant and ivy … Continue reading

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Allowing Cross Site Cookies

Recently, i was deep diving in my app within an app within another app and i found that my session was being killed by the IE browser. As one of these apps only could be used by IE, i had … Continue reading

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